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Hey guys!  I am celebrating my fifth anniversary living in this amazing country today and I would like to tell you more about the girl behind the camera. My name is Hana and I am a wedding photographer, mom, and wife. I love traveling, good food and fine art images. I will never say no to a dessert and you can easily bribe me with some good wine! The Czech Republic is my home and I love going back to visit family and friends. I am sure you are wondering how I started taking photos and what made me fall in love with weddings, so let me start from the very beginning!

After months of convincing my mom, I finally got my first Nikon for my 18th birthday. Photoshoots were on my daily schedule, I went to an all-girls high school; it was pretty easy to find models!  It was rewarding, doing something I enjoyed so much. A couple of months later I had the opportunity to photograph my first wedding, it was my sister’s! Let me tell you, I was super nervous! but word got around and I ended up photographing 5 weddings that year!

I decided to explore the world after high school and even lived in Greece for a few months. Finally, in 2014 I took a leap of faith and decided to move to the US. I got here on 1/14/2014 and it was super hard, I cried for about three months because I missed my family and friends, I was here alone but I stayed strong! A year later I met Javier, we fell in love and he proposed that Christmas. We decided to get married right away. When you know, why wait? The wedding was very intimate, with our two dogs by our side.

Our daughter Norah was born that fall and she is the best thing that ever happened to us. She came two weeks early and changed our lives forever. Norah will be three this year, it is hard to believe how fast she is growing! She’s been my model since the day she was born.

Javier decided to join me on my photography journey two years ago; he fell in love with weddings just like me. The adrenaline and excitement you feel while photographing weddings is something he got attracted to easily. We get to spend more together and also be creative together. I would say we have the best career in the world (even though Javier is also a mortgage banker and loves it haha). Our favorite part of every wedding is the vows, as they remind us of our own. I get to photograph the most important days in our couples’ lives and I enjoy every second of it.


Pictures from my very first wedding



Our wedding in Florida



Nori Spring 2018

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